Faith Communities United

spiritual coping Click to Read the Article: Spirituality May Help HIV Patients Survive Longer

Our Mission

A catalyst to mobilize faith communities to respond compassionately to persons impacted by HIV/AIDS and related issues.

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Our Values

Respect for Religious Traditions
We acknowledge different religious structures and beliefs.

The Human Spirit
We can't afford to bury the wounded. HIV impacts each of us. We all need to be educated about the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Fear impacts attitudes and beliefs and can cause non-productive behavior. Fear can also render us powerless. We believe that with faith and education we can make an impact in the lives of people and families impacted by this disease.

Community Responsibility
The church can no longer hide from their responsibility to address this issue. Each of us has our own role to play. No deed is too big or small.

Respect for individuals and families wherever they are on their faith journey
No person is greater than another person. We all need assistance at some point in our journey. By serving people, we serve the God in each of us. 

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